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  • Federer named Swiss Sportsman of the Year (again)
    Roger Federer has been chosen as Swiss Sportsman of the Year for the ninth time (including twice as a member of the Team of the Year). The 36-year-old tennis star enjoyed a sensational comeback year, winning the Australian Open, Wimbledon and five other ATP tournaments.  “There should be two categories for the men: one for him and one for the mortals,” said mountain bike world champion Nino Schurter, who had also been nominated, before the event in Zurich on Sunday night. Schurter’s fears were proved right when the winner was announced.  Federer couldn’t pick up the award in person as he was training in Dubai, but he appeared on a giant screen. “It’s been a massive year – perhaps my favourite! If 2018 is half as successful, then I’ll be happy,” he said.  Skier Wendy Holdener was named Sportswoman of the Year, having won the ladies' combined event and  slalom silver at the Alpine Ski World Championships in St Moritz last year.  The male national football squad was chosen as Team ...
  • ‘I am American. I write from my American soul’
    Susan Tiberghien came late to writing, but she’s made up for lost time. The founder of the Geneva Writers’ Group (GWG) is the author of several books and despite living most of her life in Europe, says she is still very much an American writer.  I came to Europe to do graduate work in Contemporary Literature. I was 21, just out of university, with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Literature and a minor in French. I had studied French for three years in high school and four years at college, but when I arrived at Grenoble University in the French Alps, I realized that I couldn’t make myself understood, nor could I understand.  For the first two months I learned more French in intensive classes. And as it happens, suddenly I was able to take notes at lectures in French instead of English! It just switched.   Susan Tiberghien will be retiring in 2018, as the Geneva Writers’ Group celebrates its 25th anniversary. Her story is the sixth in our series on US expats in ...
  • ‘We called it the Horny Tour’
    In the relatively dry winter of 2017, Christoph Moser and I decided to do one of the absolute classic ski tours of the Bernese Oberland, a tour that serves as an endurance test for mountain guides.  We called it the ‘Horny Tour’ as it links up the Wetterhorn, Mittelhorn and Rosenhorn. Combining ski mountaineering with easy alpine skills, the route is never hard but quite long. In the end, we climbed 3600 meters over the course of 26km. Here, Christoph passes through the crevasse and serac zone on the Rosenlaui glacier while on the way to the Wetterhorn.  As a photographer I enjoy working on glaciers and trying to contrast their beauty with the very real danger that is present when moving on them. At work and play We are fortunate to call the mountains our workplace and still marvel at what we get to do on any given work day, be it in the Alps or Himalaya. After all these years, the passion we have for life as mountain sport athletes and photographers hasn't faded.
  • Swiss gun fans blast EU-Schengen restrictions
    A “light” version of the new European Union gun directive aimed at tightening firearms regulations has got Swiss gun fans hot under the collar. Switzerland, which has deep-rooted gun traditions, is expected to fall in line with the EU restrictions but a referendum could be launched by disgruntled opponents.  Christian Richert leans forward on a red counter bedecked with rows of gleaming hand guns. Behind him semi-automatic and antique rifles hang from the walls of his busy stand at 24th International Gun Fair, recently held at the Beaulieu Conference Centre in Lausanne.   “The Swiss are starting to get fed up with all this,” the Geneva gun dealer tells swissinfo.ch. “In French-speaking Switzerland we are perhaps more fatalistic but I don't think in German-speaking regions people are ready to have their laws dictated to by Brussels.”  In September, the Swiss cabinet presented for consultation a softer version of a new EU gun directive intended to tighten up firearms regulations ...
  • Making fun of migration stereotypes
    (To view video subtitles in English, click on the gear icon and turn captions "on"). Tama Vakeesan was born in Switzerland to Tamil parents from Sri Lanka. This week she interviews Arman and Sascha from Austria, who have made a feature film ("Die Migrantigen”), poking fun at migration stereotypes. Omar, a former criminal, and his friends live in the fictional town of Rudolfsgrund. They all eat kebabs and they're all broke, but still drive BMWs. (SRF Kulturplatz/swissinfo.ch) The comedy premiered in January at the Max Ophüls Prize film festival, where it received the Audience Award. The festival, held in Saarbrücken, Germany, has been running for 39 years, with the aim of discovering and promoting young filmmaking talent from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
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The United Swiss Societies of Northern California (USSNC), founded in 1912, merged with the Swiss House Association of California, which had incorporated on July 21, 1930, the merger created the new name, United Swiss House of Northern California, Inc., which on February 11, 1983 incorporated to its current name. United Swiss Societies of Northern California, Inc., organized as a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, 501(c)(4), tax ID 23-7126939